Top Tips for Ultimate Jewelry Care

There is no doubt that jewelry is one of our most intimate, lovable, and cherished accessories. And as a proud owner, you always want to maintain its beauty and keep it sparkling for generations to come. So, it is always important to understand how to care for and protect your jewelry pieces. This blog post will outline the top tips from Refection Jewelry Care for ultimate jewelry care, irrespective of whether it is made from gold, silver, or platinum.

  • Be Careful with Heat

Just like the harmful sunrays can damage our skin, excessive heat can affect the durability and color of a jewelry piece. If the jewelry piece contains any colored gemstone, then the chances of damage are more. At the same time, pearls and other delicate gemstones will usually bleach under extreme exposure to excessive light. Sometimes, sudden temperature rises and excessive heat easily remove the natural moisture from these gems, which is important for keeping their beauty. So you should be careful with the extreme exposure to heat to keep your jewelry pieces ever shining.

  • Always Keep Your Jewelry Away from Chemicals

Exposure to chemicals is extremely hazardous for your precious jewelry pieces as this can damage or discolor the jewelry product permanently. No matter whether your jewelry piece is made from gold, silver, or platinum, never use any everyday substance like lotion, hair spray, perfume, etc., to clean your jewelry piece since it can damage the surface of your jewelry pieces and other delicate or porous gemstones.

At the same time, you should remove all the jewelry pieces before using household cleaners or driving into a chlorinated swimming pool. No doubt, chlorine is proven extremely hazardous for gold jewelry as it can permanently damage or discolor the gold jewelry. So you should avoid all the jewelry cleaners containing harmful chemicals that are harsh to your vintage jewelry or precious gemstone.

  • Provide the Deserved Special Care

Many colored gemstones attached to your jewelry pieces need routine care to improve their look over time. Applying heat, solvents, or ultrasonic cleaners is not appropriate to clean these gemstones. This is the time when you should visit your nearby jewelers and allow one of them to professionally clean the jewelry piece for you. There is no one who knows a better way to clean the jewelry products rather than a jeweler. They always follow the right procedure and use the best solution to clean the jewelry products depending on the quality of the gold as well as the gemstone. So, they will provide you with complete assurance that your jewelry piece will receive the deserved special care.

  • Always Store Your Jewelry Safely and Properly

There is no doubt that we often overlook storing our jewelry safely and properly. For example, we often put our jewelry into a drawer or on top of a dresser. This actually increases the chances of scratches on the jewelry piece. However, every jewelry piece comes into a separate box or case that is perfect for storing them. While traveling, you should keep your jewelry piece in that box or case to avoid any scratches and damage.

We hope now you have a clear idea about the tips for ultimate jewelry care. In the future, these tips from Reflections Jewelry Care will surely help you to take the right steps for ultimate jewelry care.