Cleaning FAQ

The first step to ensuring the long-lasting beauty of your precious jewelry pieces is to keep them free from soaps, hand lotions, cosmetics, and skin oils. That is why we always recommend never using any everyday substance like lotion, hair spray, perfume, etc., to clean your jewelry piece since it can damage the surface of your jewelry pieces and other delicate or porous gemstones attached to it. At the same time, the colored gemstones attached to your jewelry pieces need routine care to improve their look over time. However, the cleaning process varies significantly depending on the type and quality of the gemstone and jewelry. In this blog post, we will outline the cleaning FAQ for different types of gemstones and jewelry.

How will I care for and clean natural and cultured pearls?

At Reflections Jewelry Care, we always recommend applying makeup, hair spray, and perfume before wearing your pearls. It actually prevents the chances of exposure to the chemicals present in these cosmetics products that can damage your pearls and other delicate gemstones. Besides that, you should always store them in a chamois bag or acid-free tissue paper. At the same time, always use the cleaning solutions from Reflections Jewelry Care to clean your pearl rings. When cleaning your natural and cultured pearls, never immerse a strand of pearls into jewelry cleaner. Always wipe the strand with a barely soft tissue dampened in a Reflections Cleaner solution to get rid of perspiration, makeup, and dry cleaning fluids. After that, use another soft tissue or cloth dampened with distilled water and gently wipe several times to remove further residues. In this way, you can take proper care and clean your natural and cultured pearls.

How can I take proper care of diamonds and other transparent gemstones?

While cleaning diamonds and other transparent gemstones, it is important to soak the stones in the Reflections jewelry cleaner and use a soft toothbrush to scrub behind the stone. When finished, just rinse the stones with clean water and leave them to dry. However, you should keep in mind that even the hardest gems sometimes have inclusions that weaken the stone itself.   

What is the best way to clean opal, coral, and other gemstones?

To clean organic gems such as opal, coral, and many more, dip your organic gemstone quickly into Reflections jewelry cleaner, and further rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Never use an ultrasonic machine to clean these stones as they are easily chipped or shattered. At the same time, avoid wearing them during vigorous activities. No doubt, organic gems are soft in nature and will absorb perfume, cosmetics, and hairspray you use while wearing them. This actually ruins the gems over time. So, it is very much important to clean them frequently with Reflections jewelry cleaner so that they can provide an extra shiny and sparkling glow for a long time. 

How can I get rid of tarnish and oxidation present in my jewelry pieces?

To get rid of tarnish and oxidation, always use Reflections tarnish remover. This product is perfect for removing any kind of tarnish and oxidation present in your jewelry pieces. After using the  Reflections Tarnish Remover, don’t forget to further clean your jewelry pieces with Reflections jewelry cleaner and dry the jewelry pieces with a soft and lint-free tissue or cloth. At the same time, wrap the jewelry pieces individually to store them and prevent scratches and damage.

If you have any further queries regarding the cleaning and caring process, don’t hesitate to call Reflections Jewelry Care as early as possible. We are happy to answer all your queries regarding the cleaning and caring process of jewelry pieces.